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Experience our little place of natural health and healing through yoga and more. 


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Hi I'm Michelle, I'm the founder of Peppermint hot yoga and wellbeing Ltd. 

When I was creating Peppermint Hot Yoga Studio, I knew I wanted a space that would incorporate all aspects of health and wellbeing. I am a firm believer that we can't be happy in just one area of life, that all areas of the 'self', mind, body, and soul, have to be balanced and complement each other equally. 

I wanted a central place in which a person could walk in with an issue and find something that would help them. Whether that be yoga, dance, Pilates, a massage, an holistic treatment or a talking therapy.

Our studio offers a variety of classes that cater to all needs, moods and abilities. We also wanted to keep the price of the classes at a manageable price. That's why we offer a 10 - class pass for just £45 or an unlimited month for £55. This enables those who enjoy attending more than one session a week, a chance to do so at a reasonable cost. 

Our Peppermint family has become such a friendly and caring community and we welcome any newbies with positive, happy vibes!

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How it all started

Where did the name Peppermint come from?


Peppermint is one of my favourite essential oils that has an amazing energising scent, the ability to relax muscles and alleviate headaches, plus many more natural benefits. That is why on entering the Peppermint, you will be transported into pure serenity through all of the senses. 

All staff here at Peppermint hold the same values and beliefs with regards to promoting fully holistic health and wellbeing. We adhere to a strict code of ethics within the centre, where we treat each individual with the upmost respect, through a non-judgmental attitude,  and providing a safe, friendly and welcoming space for all. 

I hope you enjoy our little place of natural health and wellbeing in the world as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you.

 I hope to see you soon. 

Michelle x

What is Hot Yoga? 

Hot yoga is yoga that is performed within a heated room.  The environment will usually be between 30 - 43 degrees Celsius. However, here at Peppermint, we also have the added element of providing 40% humidity. 

Nourishes the skin

The main aim for hot yoga is sweat, and lots of it! This in turn nourishes the skin by encouraging nutrient- rich blood to the skin cells, which nourishes the skin from the inside out. 


By turning up the heat, you are already warming the muscles. This allows you to stretch a little further, giving a greater range of motion. 

Burns more calories

Due to the added heat, the yoga practice can become more challenging, therefore burning more calories than a traditional yoga session. 


Provides a cardiovascular boost 

Due to the more challenging nature of hot yoga, striking poses in high heat can give your heart, lungs and muscles a more vigorous workout.  

Purchase a membership today!

Our classes are available on a PAYG basis for £8 per class, payable online or in person. 

For the best value, purchase one of our membership plans to save £££

10-Class card - £45 (Nearly 50% saving)

Monthly Unlimited Card - £55

Yearly Unlimited Card - £500

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