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Memberships are are great way to keep connected with Peppermint and also save up to 50% or more on class prices. 

How do memberships work?

It is nice and simple. Once you purchase a plan of your choice, the relevant number of credits are added to yuor Peppermint account for use when booking classes online. Credits are assigned as follows:

10-Class Pass - 10 Credits applied to your account for use within 90 days. 

1 Month Unlimited - Book unlimited classes for 30 days

1 Year unlimited - Book unlimited classes for 365 days

Whilst classes are available PAYG for £8 per class, if you have an active pricing plan with credits available your booking with be discounted to £0 when booking online! Choose a plan below to get started:

Choose your pricing plan

  • 1 Month Unlimited

    Every month
    Unlimited Classes for 1 month.
  • 10-Class card

    Purchase a block of 10 classes and save nearly 50%
    Valid for 3 months
  • 1 Year Unlimited

    Unlimited classes for 12 months
    Valid for one year